NUMTA2019 title page
Numerical Computations:
Theory and Algorithms

The 3rd International Conference and Summer School
dedicated to the 80th birthday of Professor Roman G. Strongin
June 15 – , 2019
TH Le Castella Village
Le Castella – Isola Capo Rizzuto
Crotone, Italy
NUMTA2019 Special sessions
Special sessions (not yet complete)

Proposals for organizing special streams and sessions can be submitted before January 31, 2019.

Each special session should contain 6 presentations. Each special stream should contain at least two special sessions. For every accepted presentation, at least one registration fee should be paid.
One of the organizers of a special session will be granted 50% discount on the regular registration fee.

Please contact the NUMTA2019 Scientific Secretariat for more details.

Stream title Stream organizer(s)
Approximation: Methods, Algorithms and Applications Alessandra De Rossi
University of Turin, Italy
Francesco Dell'Accio
University of Calabria, Italy
Elisa Francomano
University of Palermo, Italy
Donatella Occorsio
University of Basilicata, Italy
Numbers, Algorithms and Applications (Pythagorean Stream) Fabio Caldarola, Gianfranco D'Atri, Mario Maiolo,
University of Calabria, Italy,
and Giuseppe Pirillo, University of Florence, Italy
Optimization and Management of Water Supply Fabio Caldarola, Mario Maiolo,
Giuseppe Mendicino, and Patrizia Piro
University of Calabria, Italy
Philosophy of Mathematics: Applicability, Practice, and Numerical Computations Davide Rizza
University of East Anglia, UK

Session title Session organizer(s)
Computational Methods for Data Analysis Rosanna Campagna, Salvatore Cuomo, Francesco Piccialli
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
First Order Methods in Optimization: Theory and Applications Simone Rebegoldi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Marco Viola, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy
High Performance Computing in Modelling and Simulation William Spataro, Donato D'Ambrosio, Rocco Rongo
University of Calabria, Italy,
and Andrea Giordano, ICAR–CNR, Italy
Interval Analysis Jürgen Garloff
University of Applied Sciences in Constance, Germany
Numerical Analysis of Complex and Multiscale Systems Lucia Russo, CNR Combustion Research Institute, Italy,
Francesco Giannino, and Constantinos Siettos
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Variational Analysis and Optimization Methods with Applications in Finance and Economics Giuseppe Caristi, David Barilla
University of Messina, Italy

Please, contact the organizers of the special streams or sessions you would like to participate at before submitting through the EasyChair.

Papers that have been already submitted through the EasyChair without the approval of the organizers of the special session
will be scheduled in regular sessions.